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A hat, Bugs Bunny, and 21st century technology — how can any wine drinker want more from a wine writer?

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This is the home of honest, straightforward writing about the wine that most of us can afford to buy. That’s $15 a bottle or less, and usually much less. As one reader says, “No one is paying you for favorable press.” If you’re already subscribed, click here to log in.

Want to know what we do here? These posts will give you an idea:

The best wine advice: Three things everyone should know — and it about varietals, appellations and wine regions, or even price. It’s about appreciating wine, which is what matters, and is too often lost in wine foolishness.

A few words about “healthy” wine. Marketers are falling all over themselves to market wine as “healthy,” which is just as silly as it is counterproductive. Wine in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle. Wine as healthy? Who’s kidding who?

• “Curated” wine clubs, and why they don’t seem to be the answer, in which I explain how some wine clubs can afford to sell 15 bottles of wine for something like $15 — and why the wine always seems disappointing.

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