Winebits 318: Wine glasses edition

Winebits 318: Wine glasses editionBecause, frankly, who knew there would be so much news about wine glasses?

Smaller glasses: Scotland’s government, as part of its campaign to urge what it calls more responsible drinking, wants the country’s bars and pubs to promote the sale of smaller measures of wine, including 125-milliliter servings. That’s about one-sixth of a bottle, or only twice as much as a tasting pour. The BBC, in its wonderfully BBC way, reports that the Scottish health minister said that “tackling Scotland’s difficult relationship with alcohol was one of the government’s key priorities.” Difficult relationship with alcohol, indeed. Isn’t that like being only a little pregnant? Either you drink too much or you don’t. In this country, the NeoDrys don’t hem and haw like that.

Riedel and Coke: Yes, the world’s premier wine glass manufacturer has devised a glass for the most insidious of beverages, Coca-Cola — at $20 each, no less. This raises all sorts of questions, starting with why: There is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever drink Coke, which has no nutritional value, no health value, rots your teeth, and is too sweet. Or not sweet enough, depending on your point of view. I write this as someone who gave up soft drinks when he started drinking wine, and I don’t miss the former at all.

No more glasses? A government in a leading New Zealand wine region wants to ban glassware from winery concerts and tasting events. Not surprisingly, this has the wineries furious. Producers in the Hawke’s Bay say using plastic cups instead of glasses would diminish the experience, and that wine in wine glasses makes wine more enjoyable. The ban is apparently part of a wider proposal to limit drinking in Hawke’s Bay that includes closing bars an hour earlier, from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m., and reducing the hours retailers can sell booze from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. to 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “There is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever drink Coke…”

    How about “because some people enjoy it?” Why isn’t that a good enough reason? No, soda isn’t good for you, but drinking it with sufficient moderation will not have any significant negative impact on one’s health, unless you have a severe disease or disorder that’s affected by sugar. These alarmist attitudes about the terrible, terrible things that will happen to you if you drink the occasional soda, and unscientific health-related panics in general, don’t help anyone who’s seeking real, reliable information about how to keep themselves healthy. In fact, they probably do more harm than good, by making people anxious about things that they don’t really need to be anxious about. Not to mention that health and moral obligation are not the same thing, and we shouldn’t be policing others’ health choices.

    Oh, and it’s silly to say that something meant to be sweet is “too” sweet. It’s supposed to be like that!

    I agree that a Riedel Coke glass is ridiculous and a scummy attempt to take advantage of customers, though.

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