Winebits 305: Halloween wine

The Wine Curmudgeon does not do Halloween and wine; it’s more than a little forced, all those vampire and pumpkin wines that will go on sale at two-thirds off next week. But since that doesn’t stop the rest of the wine world from indulging, a few thoughts about what’s out there:

One more time: The WineOh.tv site rounds up every possible Halloween-style wine, from Bogle’s Phantom to something called Evil Chardonnay (I will leave the jokes to the audience). I shouldn’t be too hard on this post, despite the cliches and the same list of wines that appear in these sorts of things year after year. That’s because it includes a regional wine from Kentucky, Bone Dry Red. Which practically redeems the post.

No more puns, please: David Dixon, at a regional Texas newspaper website, spares no sensibilities in what he calls his fourth annual Scary Wine column. He dusts off the vampire fangs. And digs up a veritable coffin-load of ghoulish grape elixirs. These are wines, he writes, that will cast a spell on your gruesome gathering. I know, I know. I need to calm down about this. At least he didn’t pair wine with caramel corn.

Halloween wine labels: I suppose that’s OK, given that the About.com piece suggests putting them on wine you’d drink at any time of year, using a couple of specialty retailers. Though the recipe for Blood Red Sangria did make me gnash my teeth. What color is sangria the rest of the year, Not Blood Red? I know, I know. Take it easy. Even the Simpsons don’t do a funny Halloween episode every year.


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