Winebits 262: New Year’s Eve bubbly

Recommendations from around the Internet for sparkling wine for tonight. My suggestions are here.

Same old wines: The AskMen.com website has a thorough look at Champagne history, the differences between the various kinds of bubblies, and even serving suggestions. What it doesn’t have? Many interesting wines. It recommends Veuve Clicquot and Perrier-Jouet, which are usually two of the top five brands in the U.S. You don’t need to know much about Champagne to pick those.

If you don’t want Champagne: NorthJersey.com does an excellent job with cava, cremant and the like, including a New York state bubbly, Brotherhood Winery Blanc de Blancs Brut for $10. These are all (save the Brotherhood) widely available.

And if you don’t like bubbly? Which the Wine Curmudgeon can’t imagine, given how much sparkling wine I drink even when it isn’t New Year’s. But the Today.com website has more beer suggestions than I would have thought possible, complete with beer-speak (“[I]t packs a hearty 10 percent ABV that’s very well hidden within an ambrosia of earthy fruits and dark caramel flavor notes.”) I’m sure they’re all fine beers; I just wish the author hadn’t intimated those of us who like sparkling are less than manly. Should I challenge him to a spitting contest?

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