Winebits 253: Halloween

The Wine Curmudgeon does not do Halloween and wine; how many times can I write about Bogle’s Phantom or Ghost Pines from E&J Gallo? But that doesn’t stop the rest of the wine world, so this week we look at wine and Halloween:

• The always reliable Ray Isle of Food & Wine got stuck doing a Halloween post last year – the Phantom and Charles Smith’s Velvet Devil merlot appear among several others. They’re all decent wines, and not the stuff that usually shows up with a cute name and that isn’t much worth drinking.

• From the whoops department, a link to a couple of wines on a Halloween supplies and decorations site that doesn’t seem to work. Did someone find out that selling wine on the Internet was not quite the same thing as selling Halloween costumes?

• Finally, because I have a special fondness for this sort of thing, how to turn an empty wine bottle into a Halloween lamp. Besides, how can I pass up an opportunity to link to a site called Tattooed Martha? The fondness? That’s because I made a lamp in shop class in high school, and I am far from the handiest person in the world.

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