Tom Paxton and a Bottle of Wine


Tom Paxton has been skewering the American conscience with such wit and precision for so long that he makes the Wine Curmudgeon jealous. One day, I hope I can come close to something like "Yuppies in the Sky" and its haunting refrain, "condos for sale, condos to buy."

Until then, while I redouble my Kickstarter efforts for The Cheap Wine Book, enjoy this, one of the Paxton classics (courtesy of AMSDConcerts on YouTube). Don't think he's too concerned about scores or wine talk, do you?

And Kickstarter? We're 53 percent funded with 11 days to go, which means it's crunch time. Pass the links along to anyone who might be interested:

• The Q&A explaining how Kickstarter works.

• The Kickstarter link.

What the book is.



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