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Second Cheapest Wine

Second Cheapest Wine

Second Cheapest WineThe Wine Curmudgeon has often lamented the quality of wine humor, but here is something that’s not only funny, but entirely too accurate. Consider just these two lines from a fake commercial for a product called Second Cheapest Wine: “You don’t know much about wine, but you do know that you shouldn’t get the cheapest. That’s why we make it easy for you to get the Second Cheapest.”

The bit takes on restaurants, wine snobs, wine education, and wine stores — and all in only 1:19. And with impressive production values. This is so good, in fact, that I should send the authors a copy of the cheap wine book.

So enjoy — Second Cheapest Wine, from CollegeHumor.com, via YouTube:

What a blast


Because, frankly, we sometimes take wine much too seriously. (Video courtesy of avguru10 via YouTube.)

Talking Thunderbird Blues

Yes, that Thunderbird (which the audience appreciates, too). That’s the legendary Texas singer and songwriter Townes Van Zandt performing, and the problems he had with the grape are, sadly, all too obvious on the video.

The video is courtesy of musicloveraustira2 via YouTube. And, for the young people in the audience, talking blues is a style popularized by Woody Guthrie and performed by a list of notable country and folk singers, including Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Why is it called talking blues? Watch and find out.

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