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Thanks, Drinky the Robot — the WC will never have to drink alone


drinky the robotOne of the perils of being the Wine Curmudgeon is that, eventually, I will alienate everyone in the wine business — if I haven’t already. Like with this. Or this. Or even this. Which means there won’t be anyone left to drink with me. Fortunately, a Korean inventor has solved my problem with Drinky the Robot, and I am more than grateful.

Eunchan Park created Drinky because — and I know his pain — he didn’t have anyone to drink with. “I had no girlfriend at that time,” Park wrote. “Drinking alone was definitely terrible!” Of course it is, if only because there is no one to commiserate with.

So here’s to you and Drinky, Eunchan Park. And Drinky and I will get along. First, he does the Mike Nesmith look, which men of a certain age have always appreciated. Second, though the robot can’t talk, it can dance and give a thumb’s up. What more could I ask for every time I whine about scores, complain that the wine has too much alcohol, or that some focus group has decided that it should be overoaked?

2016 Do-it-yourself New Year’s wine resolutions


Do-it-yourself New Year’s wine resolutionsThe new year means it’s time for the Wine Curmudgeon’s third annual Do-it-yourself New Year’s wine resolutions. Just click on the drop-down menus and select your wine resolutions for 2016. Those who get the blog via email or RSS may have to go the website to use the menus. The 2016 $10 Hall of Fame will post on Friday.

In 2016, I’m going to drink:

In 2016, sweet red wine will:

In 2016, I’m going to buy local wine:

In 2016, the most important wine trend will be:

In 2016, I will buy:

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The Comet Lovejoy wine phenomenon

comet lovejoy wine

But how do they get a bottling line up there?

Astronomers were surprised to find that some comets produce alcohol, as well as sugar, as they travel around the solar system “We found that comet Lovejoy was releasing as much alcohol as in at least 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity,” said Nicolas Biver of the Paris Observatory in France.

This is huge news, given that one theory supposes that comets crashing into the the Earth 3.8 billion years brought with them the carbon-based organic molecules, like alcohol and sugar, that may have jump-started life on our planet. Which is all well and good, but comet Lovejoy wine raises equally important questions for those of us who worry about those things:

• Do the comets know about the three-tier system? Lovejoy was producing the equivalent of 150,000 cases an hour, and we all know that the country’s distributors aren’t going to let that happen without them. They’ve paid entirely too much money to state legislators to let a comet ruin things. And I can only imagine the horror if Lovejoy passed anywhere near Pennsylvania, with its state store system.

• Will E&J Gallo, the Big Wine producer that has made hundreds of millions of dollars of acquisitions this year, buy the comet to add to its portfolio? A sweet Lovejoy red, since the comet threw off sugar, would slide in nicely next to Gallo brands like Apothic and Barefoot on grocery store shelves. And how could a back label that said “Comet Lovejoy wine — out of this world” miss?

• Can the Winestream Media adapt its tasting notes to comet-produced wine? Toasty and oaky, given how cold it is in space, just aren’t going to work. Maybe something like “hints of vacuum linger on the finish”? And how do you a score a comet wine? Does it get 92 points just because it’s from a comet? Or do you take points off for that, since outer space is not Napa Valley?

Photo courtesy of Adam Block Photos, using a Creative Commons license

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