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Holiday wine gift guide 2013


The Wine Curmudgeon didn’t think there was a need for this year’s holiday gift guide. After all, what else could anyone want to give other than the cheap wine book?

But when I asked around, I was stunned to find out that this was not the case. The consensus: “Jeff, there are more things in the wine world than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Or something like that.

So, after the jump, gift suggestions, as well as the all-important gift guidelines:

Winebits 259: Holiday gifts

Some suggestions from around the cyber-ether for wine-related holiday gifts:

Less than $25: From the Reverse Wine Snob, who nicely mixes the practical — the always sensible Vacuvin gift set, which has shown up here in years past — with the silly. How about a life preserver for wine bottles?

Less than $20: The legendary Sandy Silfven offers seven wines that provide quality and value, including a Tasca d’Almerita nero d’avola from Sicily, and we know how the Wine Curmudgeon feels about Sicilian wines. Best yet, she pairs the wines with holiday entrees.

Not especially cheap at all: But anyone who ever watched the classic BBC comedy “The Good Life” will appreciate a Fortnum & Mason Christmas wine hamper. That’s what Margo would have done, of course.

Holiday wine gift guide 2012

A few ideas for the wine drinkers on your list. Some general pointers:

• Don’t forget the wine gift-giving guidelines: “Don’t buy someone wine that you think they should like; buy them wine they will like.”

• The Champagne and sparkling wine glossary to make sense of cava and cremant and all the rest.

Most gadgets never get used after the first couple of times. My rule of thumb: Is the gadget worth its price in quality $10 wine; that is, is a $40 gadget worth four bottles of wine?

Suggestions after the jump:

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