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The VinGarde Valise


The VinGarde ValiseRegular visitors here know how little use the Wine Curmudgeon has for wine accessories, and especially those that cost $199.99. Nevertheless, there is something about Barry Wax’s VinGarde Valise that makes me want to buy it. Maybe it’s that the video calls Barry the “wine accessories maven.” Regardless, imagine all the $10 wine I could take with me when I fly. Or throw down the stairs without breaking.

And yes, those are real bottles of Chateau Petrus in the video, perhaps the world’s most expensive wine. Barry assured me, though, that they weren’t his. The video, regardless, is much fun:

The 2,000th post milestone

The 2,000th post

“Crappy yes, but who has all the money? Not a wine blogger.”

Yesterday’s effort about Mother’s Day wine — which a lot of you didn’t bother to read, by the way, and what does that say about you? — was the blog’s 2,000th post since I started this foolishness in November 2007.

How long ago was that in Internet terms? Microsoft launched the Vista operating system in 2007. Who would have thought that the Wine Curmudgeon would outlast a Microsoft product? Actually, most of us, come to think of it. Say what you will about what I do, but the blog rarely crashes or locks up.

And then again, maybe 2007 wasn’t so long ago. The most popular video on YouTube featured a cat.

How to find dependable cheap wine


dependable cheap wineHow do you find dependable cheap wine? That’s the question the Wine Curmudgeon recently discussed with Laurie Daniel, who writes for the San Jose Mercury News and is a top-flight wine judge. The result was her piece in the newspaper, which is a fine read. But it focused on California and wines that cost $20 or less, so I thought it was worth going into more detail. That comes after the jump:

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