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Cheap wine book update: 1 chapter to go

The next to last chapter, “How to buy cheap wine: The basics” was sent to the editor this morning. All that’s left to write is the final chapter, “How to buy cheap wine: Advanced course,” flesh out the winespeak dictionary, and fine-tune several short essays that will serve as appendices. That will include a very clever bit about wine labels (because, of course, no sense in false modesty when I’m plugging the book)..

Which means we’re on schedule for publication around Labor Day. Which also means that will be when the Wine Curmudgeon hits the road to promote the book. I already have three events scheduled – the Kerrville wine and music festival over Labor Day weekend, Grapefest in Grapevine, Texas, a couple of weeks later, and the American Wine Society annual conference in Sandusky, Ohio, in early November. That one will be fun – talking and tasting about cheap wine.

Those of you who pledged on Kickstarter will receive your premiums as soon as possible after publication. The book will also be for sale on the blog, as well as the usual on-line suspects. If you want to talk about an appearance, or have any other questions, including the Kickstarter premiums, send me an email.

The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine

Kickstarter video wine curmudgeonThe Wine Curmudgeon has vowed, more than once, to never write another book. Let it be said that the horror stories you hear about publishers are true and leave it at that. And agents aren’t much better – see Raymond Chandler’s essay, “Ten Percent of Your Life.”

However, in today’s publishing world, you don’t need a publisher or an agent, so I don’t have any excuses. Hence the forthcoming publication of “The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine,” which should be available in time for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Look for the ebook at $9.95 and the paperback at $14.95. It will be for sale on the blog, as well as the usual Internet and digital retailers.

More, after the jump, including the video I made to promote the book on Kickstarter:

Book review: Beyond Jefferson’s Vines — The Evolution of Quality Wine in Virginia

BeyondJeffersonsVinesCOVERWho knew that the next big thing in wine books would be regional wine? But that's the case, with publishers scrambling to find writers who can do justice to the subject.

In this, Richard Leahy's publisher found the perfect author. I suppose there might be a couple of people who know more about Virginia wine than Leahy does, but they haven't come forward yet. "Beyond Jefferson's Vines" ($19.95, Sterling Publishing) reflects this knowledge — it's comprehensive, authoritative, and complete. Those of a technical bent will find thorough discussions of terroir and grape growing and wine making techniques, while those who want the broader picture (as well as suggestions for Virginia wine tours) will get that as well.

More, after the jump:

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