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Birthday week 2010

Wc 2010 A colorful graphic as we start Birthday Week. The chart shows where we started almost three years ago (I didn't keep stats for the first six weeks of the blog's history), and where we are today. All told, the number of visitors has increased 1,640 percent from that first January, and we're up 44 percent so far this year.

Which, basically, is why I'm still here. You're reading this; if you weren't, I wouldn't be doing this. So thank you, because this truly does beat working for a living.

A few notes from the first three years of the blog. On Thursday, I'll count down the top posts of the past 12 months:

• You like wine reviews — a lot. More than half of the top 10 posts each year have been wine reviews.

• Red wine beats white wine every time. No white wine review has ever made the annual top 10. I have absolutely no idea why this is, since the reviews are split almost 50-50 between white and red (and no sparkling or rose has ever made the top 10, either). Any thoughts about why? Leave a comment.

• Save for my series of Costco posts, which discussed whether the national chain was buying wine based on scores, you don't care much for the non-review items. Which is too bad, since those are the ones that I usually enjoy writing the most.

• Your focus has shifted as the blog has become more popular. A Texas wine post made the top 10 in 2008, but no regional wine story has made the top 10 since.

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