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Thanksgiving wine 2012

Thanksgiving wine 2012

Hmmm, that Gascon wine sounds like a fine choice for my turkey dinner.

The only rule when choosing Thanksgiving wine? “If Aunt Dorothy likes [insert a wine you hate here, like white zinfandel or a sweet red], who are you tell her she can’t have any?”

So forget all that stuff about proper pairings and $50 bottles of 94-point wine. Thanksgiving is not about wine snobbery, but about having a good time and sharing food and wine and memories with your family and friends.

This year’s suggestions are after the jump:

Wine of the week: Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel 2009

image from www.boglewinery.comThis is the Wine Curmudgeon's Thanksgiving gift to the California wine industry. Taste this, and you'll see what great cheap wine should be.

This is not surprising, of course, to anyone who has been paying attention. Bogle has long been one of my favorite producers, and it has been in the $10 Hall of Fame for as long as there has been a $10 Hall. But given how California wants to make cheap red wine so that it tastes like slightly sweet grape juice with too much alcohol, I figured I'd better make the point again.

First, what doesn't the Bogle ($10, purchased) have? It doesn't have that cough syrupy sweet fruit that is all the rage. The alcohol isn't so overwhelming that that you feel it coming out of your nose. What does it have? Enough blueberry fruit  to be noticeable, but not so much as to overpower the wine. A beginning and an end, including some very zippy tannins and a little earthiness — again, something not only rare in $10 wine, but especially these days, as winemakers try to make red wine taste as fruity as possible at the expense of everying else.

Highly recommended, and one of the best California red wines I've had in years. Embarrassingly better. This will earn Bogle a special citation when the 2012 Hall comes out in six weeks, and you could do much worse than to serve it at Thanksgiving. Much, much worse — as, sadly, too many will do, seduced by scores and descriptors that make them think the wine tastes better than it does.

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Wine of the week: Chateau de Riviere Chinon 2009
Wine of the week: Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir Les Oliviers 2010
Wine of the week: Dry Creek Fume Blanc 2010

Winebits 204: Thanksgiving 2011 wine suggestions

Thanksgiving wine wisdom from around the cyber-ether. My Thanksgiving wine suggestions are here.

Food & Wine: The magazine's website offers a variety of categories (Thanksgiving box wines!) worth checking out, though navigating the Flash-handicapped site may make you give up before you find anything. Especially useful: 10 top Thanksgiving bottles, including an old favorite, Acrobat pinot gris (which almost showed up on my list).

Jon Bonne in the San Francisco Chronicle: Once again, heads up advice (including another Wine Curmudgeon recommendation, Pacific Rim riesling). Says Bonne: "Drink whatever you like." There is lots of Inexpensive wine, including a Dibon cava, which I need to find, and even regonal wine (maybe we should invite him to the next DrinkLocalWine conference).

 • Eric Asimov in the New York Times: An almost Python-esque look at wine for the holiday (The Argument Clinic) , since Asimov and several members of the tasting panel had completely opposite ideas of what they were looking for. Nevertheless, some fascinating wines: Regional wine (again — what's going on here?), a $9 wine from Hungary; and a chinon, a cabernet franc from France's Loire, which is a kind of wine that many of us are enjoying these days.

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