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The Wine Curmudgeon on Dallas TV


And what difference does it make that they misspelled my name?

Because it’s the message that matters, and the message comes across loud and clear: “When you start out, all you’re looking for is taste, if you like it it’s a good wine, if you don’t, you don’t even have to finish drinking it. You can pour it down the sink.”

Enjoy the video, and a tip o’ the WC’s fedora to Channel 11 and everyone who helped make it. And it has been at least a day since I mentioned that the cheap wine book would make a terrific holiday gift, hasn’t it?

Do your Black Friday shopping here, but don’t worry about our employees


The Wine Curmudgeon would never ask his employees to do something he wouldn’t do himself. Since I’m not working over the Thanskgiving weekend, neither will the marketing or shipping departments. Which, of course, are me.

The rest of the retail world may not understand that there are more important things besides making money, but I do. That huge, multi-billion dollar companies are requiring employees to work on Thanksgiving so they can sell an extra video game or pair of blue jeans, and that the employees will work on Thanksgiving without a fuss because too many need the overtime, speaks to what’s wrong with American business. The pursuit of stuff doesn’t benefit anyone.

So buy as many books as you want over Black Friday weekend, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be shipped until Monday. Instead, I will be eating turkey, drinking great wine, devising creative ways to make use of Thanksgiving leftovers, and feeling damned sorry for everyone who isn’t as lucky as I am.


Cheap wine book featured on Wine-Searcher


The website has an excerpt from the book, and you’ll get to read the introduction for free. Which, of course, is so well written that those of you who have not yet bought the book (because, sadly, there are people like that) will want to return here to buy your autographed copy.

Rebecca Gibb, the Wine-Searcher editor who has won a bunch of big-time wine writing awards, said she was impressed. ““I love this book,” she wrote me in an email. “It’s refreshingly honest with no BS winespeak. Coming from a family which imbibed Lambrusco and Liebfraumilch at Christmas as a treat, the content was right down my alley. A great mythbuster for consumers, and a good reminder to us wine geeks that most people don’t give a rats about  the 1855 classification or flouncy tasting notes.”

Wow. That’s the kind of stuff that makes the even the Wine Curmudgeon less cranky. Maybe there is something to this book writing thing.

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