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Winebits 260: Wine preferences, lawsuit, bubbly bill

Red or white? Does your lifestyle determine whether which color wine you prefer? A study that looked at British wine drinkers says that may be the case, though the Wine Curmudgeon has his doubts. It found that red wine drinkers are better educated and drink more frequently than those who have a preference for white or rose, while white wine drinkers are home-lovers who aren’t ambitious for their careers. What the study doesn’t seem to have taken into account is wine price, because white and rose tends to be less expensive than red, which would account for some of the differences.

Get a lawyer: One must admire the gumption of a group of Idaho prison inmates, as reported by Courthouse News. They are suing five liquor producers, including E&J Gallo, because “alcohol contributed to their downfall, and that companies that make beer, wine and booze should be obligated to warn consumers of the dangers of their products,” says the report. The companies, says the suit, knew their product was habit forming, but did nothing to warn the public. The other interesting bit about the story? It has a quote from an unnamed member of Alcoholics Anonymous, who holds AA sessions at the prison. That kind of quote is almost unheard of, given AA’s mania for secrecy.

Too much expensive Champagne: What would we do without the Internet? Otherwise we would not know, as reported by thedrinksbusiness.com, that someone named Dexter Koh spent £105,000 (about US$170,000) on bubbly at a British nightclub. Koh, a self-described bon vivant, tweeted that he celebrated a winning gambling night drinking Champagne that most people not only can’t afford, but haven’t heard of. And yes, there was a model along for the party, as well as a picture of the bill.

Champagne and sparkling wine for New Year’s, one more time

Still not sure what do about Champagne or sparkling wine for New Year's? Don't worry — the Wine Curmudgeon has you covered:

• The annual sparkling wine and Champagne post (which includes links to posts from previous years).

New Year's wine suggestions from around the Internet.

• Wednesday's wine of the week, a sparkler from Spain — Freixenet Cordon Rosado Brut NV.

• The sparkling wine category, which includes reviews of every bubbly in the blog's four-year history.

Winebits 209: Champagne and sparkling wine

Some thoughts on bubbly for the New Year from around the Internet (and not a Veuve Clicquot recommendation among them):

Sparkling wine advice: One of the best — perhaps the best — primers on bubbly comes from Tim McNally at New Orleans magazine. It's so good, in fact, that I'm going to steal much of it for use here. Writes Tim: "Never allow the wine to flow out of the bottle after opening. It’s a terrible waste." Is it any wonder I think so much of the post? Tim includes Champagne history, advice on opening a bottle, some recommendations, and even his analysis concerning the number of bubbles in a bottle of bubbly.

Value-oriented Champagne: Yes, the real stuff — sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France — is expensive, but that has not deterred my pal Dave McIntyre from looking for bottles that offer the most for your dollar. Dave's finds are here and here; availability may be a problem away from the East Coast, but these are wines worth looking for. The Jose Michel (the second link) sounds especially good.

Price-conscious selections: Fred Tasker in the Miami Herald offers 11 bubblies to try, and only one costs more than $27. Which, for sparkling, is impressive — even by the Wine Curmudgeon's standards. The Woodbridge extra dry, which is only $10, is an intriguing choice, and should please anyone who wants something sweeter but is intimidated by the whole sparkling wine thing.

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