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DLW’s Regional Wine Week begins today

Talk about a plethora of wine blogging riches this week — Birthday Week and Regional Wine Week at the same time.

I wrote the kickoff piece for the annual DrinkLocalWine event, a look at the five biggest changes in regional wine since we started DLW in 2008 with the first wine week:

Nothing demonstrates the increasing importance of regional wine like the sweet red wine craze.
For years, the knock on regional wine was that not only was it poorly 
made, but that it was — “shudder” — sweet. Now, who is making millions
of dollars from sweet red wine? The biggest California wineries. And
where did they get the idea? From the regional business.

We'll have posts about regional wine from around the country all week, as well as several longer stories like mine. DLW co-founder Dave McIntyre looks at the strides regional wine marketing has made on Wednesday, and Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report discusses regional wine writing on Friday.

Wine Curmudgeon contest rules

Prize posts on the blog work this way, whether for Birthday Week giveaways or other contests:

• To win the prize, pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and leave it in the comment section of the prize post. That’s the only way to enter — emails or entries in other posts don’t count.

• At about 5 p.m. central each day, I’ll go to random.org and generate the winning number. The person whose number is closest to the random number wins the prize. 

• You can’t pick a number someone else has picked, and only one entry per person.

• Participants must be 21 and older to be eligible, and the usual rules, regulations, and state and federal laws. In case of a tie, the earliest entry wins.

Web design and wine

The Wine Curmudgeon is getting ready to upgrade the blog, which means moving it from TypePad to to a self-hosted WordPress site. That means I need someone who can design the new site and move the current content to the new site. In addition, I’m going to launch a mobile website, which will feature my database of 2,500 wines — every wine I’ve tasted over the past five years. That will involve adapting my CellarTracker entries so it can be updated monthly on the mobile site.

If you understand what the previous paragraph meant, and if you enjoy wine almost as much as you do this sort of web work, then contact me. We can disccus what needs to be done, what I’d like to do, and how much you’ll get paid.


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