Boony Doon and Skinnygirl, the strangest of wine bedfellows

bonny doon
There they were, one of the most interesting and honest wines in the world sitting next to one of the most manipulated and most cynical.

What kind of cosmic imbalance caused this? How did the trickster of the gods manipulate the retailer's inventory software. Ad think of the embarrassed sidewise glances.

How could Randall Grahm’s Bonny Doon Vin de Gris rose – “one of his best roses… austere and fresh and dark,” as I wrote last year  — end up next to Skinnygirl’s pink wine, made not to taste like wine but to contain 100 calories and which Elin McCoy said is “barely acceptable chilled plastic cup party fare?"

Grahm makes wine that tastes like wine. The Skinnygirl, to quote from its producer, Beam, Inc., is a “brand that continues to blaze new trails and is solutions-driven.”

Guess who sells more wine? Is it any wonder the wine business makes me so cranky?

3 Responses to Boony Doon and Skinnygirl, the strangest of wine bedfellows

  1. Kurt Burris says:

    No kidding. What a travesty.

  2. Mike Dunne says:

    With all due respect to Kurt, the placement isn’t a travesty but democracy in action in the marketplace. You get your liberals by your conservatives, your Republicans alongside your Democrats, and the patient and knowing wine merchant playing the role of broker, explaining the differences and guiding the consumer to the buy that most likely will please him or her.

  3. CNA Training says:

    Well, I think there’s nothing serious about it. They have their own identity. But, worth trying those two.

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