26 bottles of pinot noir on the wall, 26 bottles. …

There used to be a picture of the dead soldiers from the June 13 under-$15 pinot noir tasting, undertaken at the behest of Beverage Media for an upcoming article (and I still have a half dozen or so to taste). I’ll link to the story when it runs later this summer and offer my thoughts; several of the wines will also show up on the blog in reviews.

Surprisingly, given the Wine Curmudgeon’s less than happy experience with a similar sweet red wine tasting, all but a handful of the pinots were professional and sound. A half dozen or so were much better than that, and even those that didn’t taste like pinot noir were at least drinkable red wine blends.

A tip ‘o the Curmudgeon’s fedora to the legendary Diane Teitelbaum, who tasted the wines with me and made many funny comments along the way.


2 Responses to 26 bottles of pinot noir on the wall, 26 bottles. …

  1. Walt Rachele aka Wynefool says:

    My bride and I did a similar “judgement” of 24 under $10 Pinot Noir….only 2 made the cut as varietal and balanced. Have not had the opportunity to do the $10-20 range. We normally drink the $30+ Pinots because of quality, flavor and balance. Those over $50 normally don’t get there either.
    The 2 that made it? One was a fluke-off brand in a particularly good year with Aussie juice selling for pennies. The other was also an Aussie wine.

  2. Jeff Siegel says:

    There were a couple of $10 pinots that really stood out, Walt, though I don’t want to ruin my trade magazine story by naming them. Overall, the quality was stunning, though I must admit I didn’t expect much.
    Having said that, did they taste like red Burgundy? Of course not. That’s one of the problems here. A $10 sauvignon blanc can be very varietally correct, which is much harder to do with pinot.

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